Home automation system

Pixel Smart Home Automation System provides ‘Comfort and Convenience’ to raise the living experience for residential houses. Our solutions offer voice-enabled control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Our offerings enable smart app-based control of switches, air conditioners, door locks, media devices, cameras, video door phones, etc. Our integrated solution options allow users flexibility and adaptability through modular and retrofit fittings. Users can control and monitor appliances through Pixel smart app or voice control options like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

A home that senses your mood...

With the Home Automation range of Pixel, you can easily control your home appliances through Pixel App and Voice Assistants. You can control your lights, fans, TV, AC, Set Top Box, Home theater, Room Heater, Geyser, and a lot of other appliances by installing our devices in your home. We have designed our products in such a way that it takes care of unwanted voltage surges and fire. Our home automation solution is completely modular and can be fitted in all homes, old or new.



Where comfort exceeds expectations....

Bye-bye switchboards and remotes. Stretch out on the couch as you comfortably operate your home appliances through your smartphone or even with your voice. Thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa!

Convenience - Nothing like you've experienced before!

An air cooling system that can be automatically switched on and off, and manages cooling as per ambient temperature takes convenience to the next level.