Pixel Academy

Unlock Your Creativity with Pixel Academy:Where Art Meets Technology!

Pixel Academy program lays a foundation for its students to understand the process of developing a new product and equips them with the skills needed to design and create an innovative solution to a real-world industry-based challenge.

Is the program engineering, manufacturing, or computer science? It is ALL of that and more!

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Educational STEM Kits.

Looking to inspire your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and math? Our STEM learning kits are the perfect solution! Packed with advanced features, these intuitive and affordable kits provide an endless array of possibilities for creating robots and DIY projects.  

Augmented Graphical Programming.

Discover the endless possibilities of programming! Learn to code, artificial intelligence, machine learning, program actions for robots, make interactive games, and do much more with block-based programming.

Academy Programs

Pixel Academy offers premium courses that allow its students to explore the fields of electronics, programming, robotics, and other STEM education areas in-depth. Through theory, engaging videos, textual instructions, and hands-on tasks, learners can uncover the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of these subjects while fostering creativity and innovation through limitless hands-on exploration.

Why Coding, AI & Robotics for Students?

21st Century Skills
Enhancing creativity and innovation while developing high-order thinking and promoting effective teamwork.
Career Opportunities
STEM/STEAM fields offer a plethora of career opportunities in tech, coding, AI, robotics, and related areas.
Coding and AI for Kids
Early exposure to coding nurtures logical reasoning and problem-solving skills in students.